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Maicon's agent furious with Inter Milan over talks with Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho didn’t keep it a secret that he was hoping to bring Maicon with him to Real Madrid when he took the coaching job for Los Blancos  but that is all that was said and nothing else ever hinted that Maicon may leave Inter Milan. However, it seems that Inter Milan had plans of their owns as they went on to  negotiate a possible transfer with Madrid without informing the Brazilian defender according to Maicon’s agent,  Antonio Caliendo.

“We expect an apology from the club for putting Maicon on the market without informing us, Maicon has a contract with Inter and that is the reality. We will await the player’s return from his holidays and I believe many aspects will be clarified. We don’t know anything about those negotiations. But they are discussing his transfer without his consent. I don’t know if that is the right way to treat a champion like him. The player only wants one thing and that is to be respected. I don’t know anything about Real Madrid’s ultimatum. Manchester City? It was the first team that expressed an interest in him. Roberto Mancini, just like Mourinho, is a big admirer of the player. If all his former coaches are so keen on him there must be a reason. But I reiterate that at this point, there is a high probability that he will remain at Inter.” Caliendo went on to tell Sky Italia.

Should Inter Milan reach a deal with Los Blancos, it will definitely be for a hefty price. Real Madrid already have established themselves as a club that will over-pay for players and Inter Milan is not going to make Maicons price come cheap. After enjoying a good performance for Brazil in the World Cup, despite his team being exited out early from the tournament,  Maicon has been linked with a possible move to Manchester City as well. Although no statements from Madrid or City suggested that they are in talks with Inter Milan for Maicon, I wouldn’t be surprised if either club are able to reach a deal with the Serie A giants

Think Maicon will join Real Madrid or stay put at Inter Milan? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.