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Maicon To Real Madrid Might Still Be On

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009Maicon is one of those few elite wingback defenders that is nearly impossible to replace. In fact Jose Mourinho wisely doesn’t want to see what life without the Brazilian next season is like as he debuts as manager of Los Blancos.

And the Inter man will come at a very steep price for Los Galicticos considering that Maicon was just brought into Italy only a year back and the defender is valued in his prime right now after coming off of a treble winning season for his new club.

Apparently an offer for around 35 million was already made, but Inter is biding there time with any deal considering they would love to have the defender back next season. Maicon’s agent Antonio Caliendo put it all into perspective when he discussed the Brazilian’s summer plans with Sky Sport Italia:

It seems that things have gone cold, especially as everyone is concentrated on the Mario Balotelli situation, and this pleases me – it means Maicon can enjoy his holidays in peace. However, the Real Madrid option for my client has not collapsed. History has taught us that the summer transfer window often closes with a bang!

So apparently Maicon isn’t involved in a heavy pursuit right now, but a move to Spain obviously interests the defender. Perhaps a deal could be worked out before next season begins, but for now Maicon is simply on big team’s wish lists and could become the target in a serious bidding war sometime within the next few weeks.  And when it comes to spending absurd money, Real Madrid is second to nearly no one. But one team might have Los Blancos beat and of course they also want Maicon too.

And Maicon’s agent Caliendo admitted that Manchester City has contacted the defender and showed growing interest. So it looks like Maicon might end up making Inter a very wealthy team this summer.

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0 thoughts on “Maicon To Real Madrid Might Still Be On

  1. AABZ

    I hope we qualify to CL next year if we didn’t it will be hard to bring in players like hazard which want to play in CL.

  2. Luccio

    Yea I meant if inter sign them in January. We need to do something good in January because right now it’s getting tougher and tougher to believe we can qualify for the champions league.

  3. bo_on

    I think those youngsters have promising talent. What I see now is the veteran player did not works well with the youngsters just take a look at obi played. He almost keep the ball for himself as if there are no other players supporting him. And what I see every players still not united. True they have to offload some players like chivu and muntari. Bringing new players is just temporary option they might look strong if new guy can do magic but not solved all the problem. It is time to rebuild them self. The veteran like cambiasso, stankovic, chivu, samuel, milito, sneijder, must works together with the youngsters and newbie. For the defense side, I would prefer see Caldirola played together with Rannochia to perform catenaccio. In the midfield I’d like to see Motta, Poli, and Obi together supporting Sneijder and in upfront with pazzini and Zarate

  4. Anthony

    Hazard said that he is leaving at the end of the season, so we wouldn’t have to worry about him being cup tied.

  5. Luccio

    I understand AABZ when he is upset about the fact that inter was willing to sell sneijder along with eto’o. I didn’t think zarate would of helped. He isn’t bad but not the type of player inter need. As for Forlan and Jonathan, I don’t think they have had enough time to get used to serie A. Castaignos, coutinho, poli, and alvarez have not have as much playing time they should have to grow and become inter’s future. As far as investing, there’s no doubt we need too as well as needing to offload a player or 2. Muntari, and chivu should be sold and we need to bring in a new young central defender, but looks like we have that covered with the brasilian Juan. A midfielder or two like banega, martinez, or Lucas. And for attacking options Hazard would be nice as well as Sow but they are cup tied for the CL. But the way things look, just making sure we qualify for next years CL should be the main focus. I don’t know I just hope that the results this season so far is enough motivation to rebuild the aging squad to get back on top

  6. AABZ

    Great news thx to branca with his players which he bought Alvarez,Jonathan,poli,castiagnose,nagatomo,forlan,zarate players who can’t make a difference there not even starting to play first choice!!!!!if he got Hummels hazard mascherano would been enough ,instead he wanted to sell sneijder and etoo imagine w.s was gone we would’ve been demoted already thx branca ur transfers were crap.

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