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Maicon hopeful in joining Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho has a lot of expectations to reach as the new head-coach of Real Madrid and it seems as if Mourinho will be trying to hit these expectations with strengthening their  back-line as he looks into buying Maicon from Inter Milan.

The two already have chemistry from last season in which Mourinho was able to coach Maicon at Inter Milan and after having made the switch, Mourinho had made it instantly known that he wants to bring the Brazilian defender with him to Madrid. However, with Maicon being such a positive factor for Inter Milan, it’s not easy for the Serie A giants to let him go so easily and big bucks are expected if Real Madrid are looking into buying the 29-year old.

Although it has not been confirmed if both sides are having any serious talks as to the future of Maicon, Maicon still wishes that he will be able to reunite with his former coach at Madrid.

“I want to go there. For me it would be a dream that comes true, I have already had Mourinho as coach and I like the idea of working with him again.” Maicon went on to say to Radio Globo.

With Los Blancos said to be offering a total of 29.2 million euros for Maicon, no word has been spoken from Inter Milan as to what they are looking to do with the right-back. Whether or not Inter Milan will take the deal or make a counter-offer it’s, the only thing that is for sure is that if Maicon leaves Inter Milan, this will be one tough player to replace for the Italian club.

Think Maicon will make his way to Real Madrid? Is 29.2 million Euros enough for Inter Milan to let go of the right-back who wishes to leave the club? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.