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Madrid's Munich Curse Continues

Real Madrid’s disappointing record in Germany continues as they were beaten again by Bayern Munich in a tense encounter which saw plenty yellow cards coming for both teams, which could cost them a final.

The match were very tight right from the start and Madrid’s clumsy defending in the final minutes simply cost them a valuable point, although Mourinho’s team could still be delighted with the away goal that they scored in that 2-1 defeat.

Eying to get rid of the Munich hoodoo, Madrid were actually looking sharp in the early encounter as Karim Benzema picked up a wonderful scoring chance which was excellently saved by Manuel Nuer. However, after that missed opportunity, the match swung a bit on Bayern’s way especially right after the German side opened the scoring through Frank Ribery’s drive shot in the penalty area, which blast through a host of Los Blancos’ defender before beating Iker Casillas.

The goal calmed the home team even more as they started to dominate possession and created much more dangerous goal scoring opportunities than Madrid, albeit there wasn’t actually much since both teams were busy canceling each other out. Losing a goal down in the first period, Los Blancos pushed up more right after the break, trying to get an important equalizer which could really be decisive for them in the second leg.

Midway into the match, luck seemed to switch into Madrid’s way as just when they were losing grip of the match once again, from a swift counter attack, Mourinho’s boys grabbed an equalizer, scored by Mesut Ozil. The German international left with a simple finish after Cristiano Ronaldo’s poor goal scoring attempt turned into an assist which provide a positive impact for Los Blancos’ chance in getting into the final.

Just as when Madrid looked to get away with a draw, a silly defensive error favored Bayern as Phillip Lahm swoop passed Fabio Coentrao before providing an excellent assist for Mario Gomez, who made it 2-1. With only three added minutes left, the Spaniard weren’t getting much time to snatch another equalizer, though they looked pretty content with the scoreline since the away goal could give an advantage at Santiago Bernebau.