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Madrid Recoups More Than What They Paid For Ronaldo

Now this might be shocking news to many myself included, but Real Madrid have recouped more than the 94 million Euros they spent to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the Santiago Bernabeu. This is amazing considering they achieved this in only 9 months!

Apparently revenues from the sale of CR9 shirts have grossed over 100 million Euros. The bulk of these sales coming from Madrid which has reported over a million sales of the Portuguese’s flagship shirt brand. I have never truly believed in the concept of using celebrities to promote or create brand awareness until today.

This must be the best decision Madrid have made since the signings of the first galacticos. If this is anything to go by then Madrid can expect to reap even more from sales of Ronaldo shirts in the remaining years of his contract. Although these figures do not represent actual profits; as a large chunk will go towards production costs, it still is amazing to see how much impact Ronaldo is having in Real’s fortunes.

This is a new dawn in world football where clubs are no longer judged by the number of trophies they have won but rather by their commercial value. Love it or hate it capitalist football is here to stay.

Photo credit: from sithuseo