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Madrid Players Confident Over Moscow Journey

Kaka with Jabulani (2010 World Cup football)Having already fulfilled their weekend duty in the league with a major success, Real Madrid players are now giving all of their attention for CSKA Moskow in the Champions League, knowing that it will be a tricky game considering the venue and cold weather.

The Madrid stars are set and ready though for the midweek clash as they understand that it won’t be easy but they believe their spirit for the important tournament will lead them in getting good result in Moskow.

Brazilian star, Kaka revealed that the weather won’t likely be something he fears a lot as it supposedly will also affected CSKA players adding that having the second leg in Madrid is also provides more insurance. Similar confidence also being shouted by Xabi Alonso and Karim Benzema, who both are also confident with Los Blancos’ ability to adapt with the difficult weather in Moscow, ensuring the fans that there won’t be any excuses from the Galacticos.

“The cold weather in Moscow will affect both teams. It won’t be a problem for us because the return leg will be held here. We’ll have to prepare well in order to give a phenomenal performance,” Kaka said.

We’ll start focusing on our Champions League match today. We know it will be cold in Moscow, but we will overcome that to try to win the game.” Benzema added.

We’re about to play a championship that’s very important to us again this week. We all know what’s at stake in the UCL and it will be essential to earn a good result on the road. We will adapt to the Moscow climate,” said Alonso.

This confidence is obviously isn’t something out of the ordinary considering Madrid have really been getting great results this season bar against Barcelona, which pretty much showed their strength. Mourinho’s team even managed a perfect record so far in the Champions League, so despite the potentially cold weather in Moscow, Los Blancos are still pretty much the favorites to grab all three points against CSKA.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shine 2010 – 2010 World Cup good news