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Madrid expects Ashley Cole to make his way to the club

Ashley Cole is having a difficult time in England as his relationship with the English press and the public have seemed to be taking a down fall.  With his current position with the media and public, Cole may be very likely to leave England and look elsewhere to continue his career and what better club to join than Real Madrid as they went on to express their interest in the Chelsea left-back.

Jose Mourinho has coached Ashley Cole in the past when he was managing Chelsea and now wants to bring Cole to Real Madrid where he is looking to bolster their back-line. Although Carlo Ancelotti and Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck have been said to have no interest in selling Cole, Madrid are confident that they can sign Cole.

One player from Madrid has even went on to state that the club is very confident that they will be able to sign Cole as the move will not only help  Ashley Cole with his career but with his personal issues as well.

“At Madrid, Cole’s football will make all the headlines, not his private life. I think that will be a big incentive for him. I have spoken with a couple of senior players who the club confide in and they are very confident that we will sign him in the next few weeks. The vice around the training ground is that the deal will be done. All the players are very excited about his arrival. It does not surprise me that Chelsea say he is not for sale, If you have a player who is the best in the world in his position then you do everything you can to try to keep him. But when Madrid want a player, we usually get our man. I was speaking with Cristiano Ronaldo and he told me Cole is the toughest defender he has every played against. So if Ashley Cole decides he wants to join the greatest club in the world and play for his old friend Jose Mourinho again, then I am sure the transfer will go through before the start of the season.” said Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain to The Sun.

There is no doubt that Ashley Cole is considered one of the best left-backs in the world and with his current situation with the public and the press, this could very well put Cole in the position to want to make the switch to Real Madrid where he will be off to a new start. Cole will be able to start his life over at Madrid and not have to worry about his personal life coming into play with his football career but with Chelsea not looking to sell Cole to Madrid or any other club for that matter, it doesn’t seem like a deal will be able to happen soon.

I personally feel that Cole should make the switch to La Liga where he can reunite himself with Mourinho and begin a new chapter in his life. However, I don’t see Chelsea wanting to sell Cole because he is going to be difficult to replace.  Should Ashley Cole make the switch to Madrid, Los Blancos will definitely have strengthen their defense and with the possibility of Maicon coming to Madrid as well to cover the right-back position, Real Madrid’s squad will just be shaping up to be to much to handle.

Think Ashley Cole will be able to come to La Liga? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.