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Madrid Ease Passed CSKA in Champions League

Just as it was expected, Real Madrid, followed Barcelona’s path in advancing to the Champions League quarter final without much problem after trashing CSKA Moskow 4-1 at Santiago Bernabeu.

Portuguese star, Christiano Ronaldo, was again prove decisive for the Los Blancos as he bagged two goals on the night, showing his strong intention to continue the personal scoring competition with Lionel Messi.

Eying to wipe out the draw result they earn in the first leg, Madrid went for the attack right from the start but it wasn’t that easy earlier on as Jose Mourinho’s team were trying to be cautious with CSKA’s threat. However, when the Spaniard managed to settle things down, they were simply dominating and it was just a matter of time before the home team eventually scored their first goal in that game. Argentinian international, Gonzalo Higuain was the one who started the mauling right on the 26th minute.

From their on, the match simply went easier for the home team, especially early in the second half where Ronaldo doubled the Spaniard’s advantage with a long range drive that bounced right in front of CSKA goal keeper. The bounce simply made things awkward for Sergey Chepchugov, who missed calculated it and forced to see the ball getting into his net for the second time in the match, making things harder for the visitor.

Karim Benzema came in for Higuain midway in the second half and it doesn’t take long for him to make a contribution as in the 70th minute the Frenchman netter Madrid’s third. CSKA sparked a small hope in the final 10 minutes when Tosic grabbed a consolation goal in the 77th minute but Ronaldo’s goal in injury time simply puts the icing on the cake for Los Blancos, who now awaits for another interesting round of European night.