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Madrid Board Room Politics

News concerning Jose Mourinho is not about to die out any time soon so to all his haters, i suggest you brace yourselves for a very long summer. That said, news of the Portuguese’s appointment took an unexpected twist yesterday when former Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon revealed that the club’s general manager Jorge Valdano and the sporting director Miguel Pardeza did not want to sack Manuel Pellegrini. I guess i now understand Pelegrini’s anger.

An even shocking revelation was the reason why the club sold Dutch play makers Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. According to Calderon, the two players were sold because they were bought during his reign.

Calderon claimed that Perez was setting up Valdano ‘for a big fall’.

“Florentino has used his latest bullet but it’s against himself, not against the project. When someone bases their approach on spite, hatred and on trying to erase the past, fate will hand him his reward. Having dispensed with Sneijder and Robben just because I signed them seemed a mistake. But I know it well. I also know that he tried to sell Higuain and do not know if he still wants to sell now. I hope not.”

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“I do not see what good comes from [Perez] not being present at Mourinho’s presentation, probably because he wanted to force Valdano to play the fool. This makes me a little sad. I have great affection for Jorge Valdano. I consider myself a friend of, and have great admiration for, Jorge Valdano. He has been forced to make a fool of himself.

As you can see there is more to football than just winning titles and Lets not forget its such issues that led to Mourinho’s ouster as Chelsea coach. If Madrid are not careful, then Perez and his cronies might start the downfall of this very talented squad.

Photo credit: from altodeporte