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Lyon Needs a “Switch”

If you’re from the South like I am a “switch” is something you get beat with because you acted like a crazy fool (Lyon might need one of those too) but I really mean something more like a light switch.

Well, Lyon isn’t having the “best season ever” and that season cotinued with a tough draw to Monaco (a team that’s 14 points out of 1st.) Now, I don’t want to get down on Lyon anymore than people already have, but let’s review the facts.

Lyon IS in the knockout stage of the European Championships (which is good) and they even drew Real Madrid (which could be very good for them since I’ve been predicting, for what seems like an eternity, that Madrid is going to crumble), but they can’t seem to get a foothold in their own league.

This is the kind of problem that plagues alot of reigning champions of leagues here and there. Look at ManU…they just lost 3-0 to a team that will probably get relegated, Lyon is progressing well in the Champion’s League but they can’t buy a goal in their own league, the Pittsburgh Steelers can barely score a touchdown (until yesterday), and so on. You get the idea.

What does Lyon need? They need a “switch”. There’s something about this team that screams…we value the European Title more than we value the Championship of our own country. Now, part of that could be because so many “international” players play Soccer in every European national league to begin with, but you still pull for the home team when you can, right? Well, if you’re PLAYING for the home team you’d think that would make the whole “national pride” thing stick a little better, but it doesn’t.

Lyon needs a switch they turn on to play their Ligue 1 matches so that they can approach them the same way they approach their Champion’s League matches. For example, I bet they’ll attack the heck out of Real Madrid and beat them (that’s just me) but it seems like they’ll do that and then go home and lose to some pathetic team like Grenoble.

Do you get it? (I know I don’t!)