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Luiz Denies Lampard Criticism

There is a storm brewing at the bridge between Chelsea players David Luiz and Frank Lampard. According to reports emerging, David Luiz is accused of criticising team mate Frank Lampard during an interview with a Portuguese newspaper.

So just what did Luiz say that has got him making all the headlines today?

“No one has to be someone’s father or son in a football club,”

“There are no privileged people there. He simply has to listen to the coach when he gives orders and take them. No player can forget that they are just an employee of the club. A lot of the controversies are created by the British media,” Luiz said to Jogo newspaper.

Of course Luiz has since played down the whole incident claiming that he was referring to players all players in general and not just Lampard. He responded by posting this tweet to his profile:

“This is media,Frank know me,and I never said about him! I said generaly! I only talked about coaches and players in general. Always CFC”

Here is how i see it, either Lampard or Villas-Boas will have to make room at the Bridge. It is no secret that the pair do not have the best of relationships and Lampard growing older, the midfielder might opt to retire while still at the top of his game.

It sad that a player who has been one of the club’s true legends could find himself out in the cold due to such an issue. Sure Lampard is not the first player to have a relationship break down with his coach, but he is the first club icon in recent history that will be forced to leave a club he has dedicated his entire career to because of external affairs.

There still is no word from Lampard on the whole fiasco, however, knowing the kind of person he is, fans/critics should not expect any. This news comes at a time when Chelsea seem to be rebuilding and it will be interesting to see how it affects the team’s performance against West Brom tomorrow.

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