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Luis Fabiano will stay at Sevilla, for now

Although Luis Fabiano was hoping to be making the switch to AC Milan which is definitely not going to be happening anymore, the Brazilian striker went on to sign a extension with the Spanish club, Sevilla. Fabiano was still receiving interest from other clubs like Tottenham but both sides could not  agree on a price for the 29-year old.

Sevilla should definitely happy in keeping Luis Fabiano as he has been a great player from the club since his arrival from FC Porto in 2005 and has even helped them collect some silverware. However, with the player reaching his 30’s, they might have were hoping to get some good money for the striker before his value starts to decrease but I’m sure they are not mad about still having him in the club.

Having came to Sevilla in 2005, Fabiano has helped the club win the European Super Cup, the Spanish  Supercopa, 2 Copa del Rey crowns and 2 UEFA cups as well. Helping the club enjoy one of their most  successful times, Fabiano and his partner Kanoute has scored well over 200 goals since the Brazilians  arrival.

With AC Milan have signed Ibrahimovic on a loan from Barcelona, this could have very well ended the interest of the Italian club for Fabiano. However, with a price tag said to be at €18 million, it was to much for Tottenham or French club Marseille to acquire him for and Sevilla went on to extend Fabiano’s stay which they are definitely are not upset about.

Happy to hear that Fabiano will be staying with Sevilla ? Anyone else think he maybe a little upset with the fact that AC Milan went to sign Ibrahimovic instead ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.