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Luis Fabiano likely to stay at Sevilla after broken promises from AC Milan

Luis Fabiano does not seem happy with AC Milan and now it seems like the the Brazilian striker will be staying with Sevilla as he is not happy with the way Milan have been  pursing things and even went on to say that he has been lied to by them as well. Having went on  to say that he is unhappy with AC Milan and has not even received an offer from the Serie A giants, Fabiano stated that he is upset with the club as they have broken promises that were made to him and will not be looking to join them anymore.

Although Luis Fabiano did say earlier in the summer that he was keen on making the switch to AC Milan or Manchester United in the upcoming transfer window, it looks like Fabiano is set to stay at Sevilla, as he has not received any offers from either club. Having hoped to make the switch following the World Cup, Sevilla should be happy to know that Fabiano will be staying put with the La Liga club and although AC Milan may not be kicking themselves in the face, they are definitely letting someone go who has the potential to make the club a better team.

In a recent statement made by the Brazilian striker to Football Italia, Fabiano went on to say the following :

“In reality, no one came looking for me, I have ruled out Milan since last year when there was the only serious contact. I ruled them out because they made promises that they didn’t keep.”

With the obvious question of what promises were not kept by AC Milan, Fabiano could not answer this question (as expected he wouldn’t) but did say that he will be staying at Sevilla in the upcoming season :

“I can’t say it (in regards to what promises have been broken by Milan). I’m staying at Sevilla. I have won a lot here. This is a fundamental moment in my career. Now I must prepare myself in the best way possible for the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona and for the preliminary stages of the Champions League.”

AC Milan are definitely going to miss out on a very good striker in Fabiano and it’s someone who they should have continued to pursue. With the club in the need someone of his caliber, Fabiano could have been a great addition to Milan but it looks like the move will not be happening anytime soon. It will be interesting to see if Milan will have any statements in return to say about the broken promises that Fabiano is claiming but regardless, Sevilla should be happy that the 29 year old will be staying with them.

Glad to see Luis Fabiano stay at La Liga ? What promise do you think AC Milan broke ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.