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Losing Champions League Spot Could Revive Italian Football

Disappointment for Italian football can’t get more bigger as after Napoli went out of the Europa League and three teams got beaten in the Champions League first leg, the latest reports confirmed that Serie A will now lost a spot in European football starting from the 2012/2013 season. Italy that have been providing four teams to play in the Champions League each season will only be able to submit three teams with the third one have to play in the qualification round before able to play in the group stage of the competition.

Off course with only three teams being able to compete in the Champions League, the seats for Europa League also being cut short as the team that sits on sixth place won’t be able to take part in Europe again. This whole mess happened because the poor results that Italian teams have been collectively having in the past few season in European competition made their UEFA coefficient points dropped significantly and have been passed by Bundesliga teams.

With the margin getting bigger, calculation have stated that in the 2012/2013 season the points that German teams collected won’t be able to be surpassed by the Italian teams meaning that Bundesliga will be able to put four teams in the Champions League. This condition surely puts another slapped for Italian football that have been criticized of regressing their quality this days as the teams seemed having difficulty in competing in European competition in a collective manner.

However, taking the positive from this outcome, Italian football could actually learned a huge lesson and started to get better as the competitiveness of the teams will definitely rise having only three teams that are allowed to participate in the Champions League. Big teams such as Ac Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan and As Roma would really need to step up their competitiveness as those four teams have new competition to even get into Europe with the likes of Napoli, Udinese, Lazio or even Palermo.

Should Italian teams can also improve the quality within their league, surely they can regain their coefficient back in the future as in football there’s always a cycle that runs in every league which is a common thing to happen. Few seasons ago, Italian Serie A have been the league that become the standard for other leagues with the players are averagely better than other competition but this days the wheels turned the other way around. Surely with this whole event, Italian football will now be forced to improve their quality in order to once again prove their worth in to seats of European football.