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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Ariadne Artiles (11/18)

The Beauty: Ariadne Artiles is a stunning beauty and worthy of worship as a Wednesday WAG here at LLTO. She’s a super hot Spanish model who recently divorced a famous athlete, superbike champion Fonsi Nieto. Since her separation, she has become a smoking sexy WAG by snagging one of soccer’s greatest GKs. She has appeared on several magazine covers, but what is she best known for? Underwear modeling, of course. Ah, I love this series.

The Beast: A few months back I profiled Eva Gonzalez,who snagged herself Iker Casillas for a short while. After Iker and Eva broke up, he had a fling with Ariadne, thus making him the ugliest man in the world to have shagged two models (except for Donald Trump, but of course). As I mentioned back then, Iker is a world class GK and his Euro 2008 performance was nearly flawless. While he is getting older, he will no doubt start in goal for in 2010. 

The Bard: Ariadne isn’t a real WAG as she only dated Iker for weeks, but I will still honor her:

Ariadne Artiles is a keeper so she dated a star who played in the goal.

He wooed her and worshipped her but he could not capture her soul.

But, for a short while the Spanish legend managed to snare her in his net.

She would escape eventually though as she will never be anyone’s pet.

Her beauty and brains prohibit her from simply being the subject of boasts.

No one is good enough for her, not even Spain’s best man between the posts.