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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Lorena Bernal (10/28)

The Beauty: While I still believe Serie A probably owns the title of “League With The World’s Hottest WAGs”, La Liga makes an excellent case for itself too. Exhibit A: Lorena Bernal. In 1981, Lorena was born in . One year later, her family moved to Spain, and La Liga stars have been forever grateful. At 17, Bernal was honored as Miss . She has also appeared in many TV programs, even some in the US. Which player smooches this Spanish honey at the current time? 

The Beast: Mikel Arteta, that’s who. He’s the Spanish midfielder who currently plays for in the Prem (but formerly plied his trade with , Rangers, and Barca’s B side). Arteta has been with Everton for almost half a decade, and until injuries derailed his progress, he was improving as a player and on his way to superstardom. I suppose one can’t feel too sorry for him though knowing Miss Bernal (aka Miss Spain) was tending to his injuries.

The Bard: Lorena deserves a delightful poem by an excellent author. Sorry:

Just before Halloween, I have introduced you to the hottest WAG yet.

A scintillatingly hot actress, and possibly Spain’s sexiest brunette.

She’s dating a Premier League player who many a defender has missed.

His exclusive relationship with Ms. Bernal though has opponents even more pissed.

Who knows how he got her? He can speak six different languages with his tongue.

Ah, nevermind, that’s not it, I imagine he’s just really hung.