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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Nagore Aranburu (10/14)

The Beauty: A Spanish actress nearly as hot as Penelope Cruz? No, impossible. But wait, here is Miss Nagore Aranburu, a truly tasty WAG and one of the most tremendous looking thespians I have ever seen. She is a beautiful woman with a husband who is one of the finest players of the beautiful game in the world. Her beauty, beau, and budding family are all seemingly perfect, just like her physique, I suppose.

So, which Galactico snagged Nagore?

The Beast: Xabi Alonso, that’s who. The man who hoisted the Euro 2008 trophy and also hopes to lift the Jules rimet Cup in 2010 in South Africa. Alonso became a superstar by spending over half of a decade at with the Reds. Now, he is starting over with Real Madrid. One thing he is glad he doesn’t have to start over is his courtship of Ms. Aranburu. Sure she isn’t as “modelish” as many other WAGs, but I actually prefer her “girl next door” good looks. 

The Bard: Because Nagore and Xabi are one truly smoking celeb soccer couple, here is their sonnet:

When Alonso first saw Aranburu, he knew a beat of his heart had been skipped.

Their first date was so amazing and unforgettable, better than anyone could script.

Her acting talent stunned him, and her confidence around him was so wild.

He knew it wouldn’t be long until he married her, and then ensured she was with child.

The first time she went into labor, Liverpool had to play Inter without their playmaker.

Although they still tied, I know his absence made Rafa Benitez want to give her a haymaker.