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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Eva Gonzalez (08/19)

The Beauty: Eva Gonzalez is the Queen of the Spanish WAGs, much like Victoria Beckham is the ultimate English WAG and Ilary Blasi is the holiest of Italian WAGs. She has all the credentials to be compared to (if not put on a pedestal above) those two world ranked WAGs too. She is a beauty queen (2003 Miss Spain), a TV hostess, a model, and (of course) she has been with one of the best soccer stars in (and the world) for many years now.

The Beast: Iker Casillas is one of the world’s best goalkeepers, so it is only fitting he has “saved” himself one blazing hot lady, Ms. Gonzalez. Unlike many WAGs, who make the rounds before deciding on a mate, Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Casillas paired off early (at least relatively speaking). Having her good looks and fiesty personality on his arm have given him the confidence to win Euro 2008 and establish himself as one of the best keepers on the entire globe. 

The Bard: I cannot compose for Eva a poem worthy of a Godess, so please just hear my heresy:

Every woman in Spain at some point wanted to be his keeper.

But Casillas would not settle for any old model; he wanted something deeper.

One day when perusing the sexiest of Spain’s men’s mags.

Iker saw his Cinderella, a beauty whose bikini was in rags.

He wooed her and charmed her, and I think you know what I mean.

And now she has undoubtedly risen to the rank of Spain’s WAG Queen.