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LLTO Prediction of the Week: Barcelona Wins at Home

Call we crazy, but I think this Barcelona team isn’t that bad.  I mean they did lose to a team earlier in the week that I had honestly never watched play a match in my entire life.  But hey everyone has an off-week.  Or in this case an off-weekday.  Nobody wants to lose a Champions League game period.  But in Barcelona’s extremely rare case they are gonna be just fine.

The team hadn’t lost a match until last May.  Think about how long ago May was.  Sure that statistic is misleading because for half of that time they weren’t playing, but that’s still pretty good if you ask me.  And you can’t really complain about the way the squad finishes seasons.  Last year they put every other La Liga squad in the dust and had a month at the end of the year to play out games that meant nothing because they had already brandished such an impressive point total.

And their off-season additions weren’t too shabby either.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic adds several Serie A titles and Golden Boots to the treble winners that have only made Barca that much stronger of an offense.  This year their total losses might be counted on only one hand. 

With the best player in the world  (Lionel Messi) leading the way, Barcelona is and always will be the team to beat in La Liga.  This weekend they host Real Zaragoza in what will likely be a +3 goal differential favoring the treble winners.  I know it is not the most shocking prediction known to man, but this one is easy. 

Barca takes out their anger on Real Zaragoza.  Final score 4-0.