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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Worst Front Office

Creative Commons License photo credit: 123 look at me

1) Xerez

I know I’m being tough on the newboys and to be honest they are playing at the exact level I had predicted prior to the start of the year, but unfortunately for the newboys, that level is at the bottom of the league table.  If Xerez wants to survive a year on the top flight then they need to make some aggressive moves.  They have only scored 7 goals all season long and that number is not only bad… it is pathetic.  Xerez needs to land a goal scorer of some sort from somewhere.  Earlier in the year I suggested they find a beloved animal like Air Bud the Golden Retriever or a soccer ball kicking donkey or something else bizarre to rally the troops by scoring some goals.  Because to be honest without some wacky fiction Xerez doesn’t stand a chance at survival this season.

2) Atletico Madrid

The usual top four club has struggled this year both on the pitch and in the books and lets hope that the struggles in the finances do not cause Atletico Madrid a chance at salvaging their season, but it seems as if the Champions League club is going to do exactly that.  Leading scorer Sergio Aguero is apparently considering a move over to Chelsea and Atletico needs to find a replacement quickly if that is the case.  Right now they only have three forwards on their active roster and with eleventh place results so far it will only get tougher on the debt-ridden club.