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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: MVP

leere pokale
Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh

1) Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Messi is the best player in the league, world, and probably galaxy.  His club was the first ever Spanish treble winners last year and this year they are going for the perfect season in league play.  Messi will likely lead the league in goals scored and also assists by season’s end.  He will probably be responsible for somewhere around 40 or 50 goals this season.   I know that number sounds silly but the forward has already earned 16 goals and 8 assists with plenty of time left in the year.

2) David Villa- Valencia

Villa is only trailing Messi by one goal and he doesn’t have the type of roster that Messi has around him.  Villa is one of the most coveted players in the world and will also be featured this summer as a striker in the World Cup. Villa is an excellent finisher and despite his lack of size (same with Messi) he is a serious threat around the goal.

3) Cristiano Ronaldo

His numbers are down, but that is what happens when you miss over a month of action with an ankle injury.  Ronaldo is a great player though and when he is in the lineup Real Madrid is a top four club (in the world).  Real Madrid has impressed this year and Ronaldo will be one of the best closers at the end of the year for his squad.

4) Xavi- Barcelona

A great passing midfielder who sets up the stars that surround him.  Xavi is a fantastic player that gets overlooked due to all the fantastic finishers Barcelona has.  He is up for midfielder of the year as well, but Xavi might also take over the lead in assists this season. 

5) Roberto Soldado- Getafe

They aren’t as well known to the public as say Barca or Real Madrid, but Soldado has scored an impressive amount of goals and Getafe might just finish the year in the top six spots.  Soldado and the offense are above average and the guy deserves some credit.  After all he is only a few back from Lionel Messi.