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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Most Improved

Creative Commons License photo credit: emarquetti

Luis Fabiano of Sevilla was not a terrible player by any means last season.  In fact his squad finished with top four results and was rewarded a Champions League berth this season.  And Fabiano didn’t play terribly either.  In 21 starts the Brazilian scored eight goals and was among the best offensive performers on his third place squad.  So did he really need to improve?  The Yank says, “Why yes he did?”

Imagine if at your work place they set up three desks around your cubicle and your boss ushered in Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to sit at each place staring you down as you worked away.  You would likely be pretty worried about how your work stacked up against there work, right?  Well in the office world you probably wouldn’t, but on the pitch these men are some of the best employees you can obtain. 

And heading into this season one of the world’s greatest forwards, Fabiano, was all but an afterthought on most critic’s minds.  In fact he was hardly spoken about due to the frenzy that Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Alonso, and Ibs were creating.  Everyone was so busy focusing all their time on these newboys that they forgot that they already had plenty of world class strikers including Fabiano.

Well this season Fabiano is off to a solid start and hopefully he will be well rested following his December ankle injury that kept him out for a couple of weeks of action.  But even if Fabiano had played his last match of the season (by the way he hasn’t) he has already scored 8 goals.  And that is the same number that he scored last year.