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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Most Improved Club

1) Getafe

You always have to root for the underdogs and let’s be honest, folks.  Getafe is Rocky Balboa and Rudy all wrapped up into one club.  The squad is fun to watch because they win matches by scoring a lot of goals (thanks John Madden) and they rely on one guy to do it to.  Roberto Soldado is having yet another great year on offense and Getafe has proven to be a serious force over the last few months.  After a dismal September in which the squad lost three out of four matches, Getafe has looked excellent since the skid and gone 7-5 since the frustrating first full month.  They finished just outside of the relegation zone last year with an 17th place finish; this season they have improved ten spots up to 7th place.

2) Real Madrid

Madrid might not be in first place (as of last week when I wrote this anyway), but the fact that they have the title race within contention should be considered a job well done and significant improvement from last year which saw Barcelona easily run away with the La Liga title.  And if you look at Serie A football Inter is doing exactly that again this season, but at least Real Madrid have improved to the point that this year we don’t know for sure that Barca will win the title.  At least not yet.

3) Barcelona

Can a team that is already the best in all of the world really improve?  Why yes it can.  In fact look at MJ’s career with the Chicago Bulls as proof.  That squad got better nearly every single year.  By the time they acquired Rodman it was beginning to get unfair.  The same thing can be said for Barca.  Somehow the greatest club got even better this season.  Maybe it was this Ibrahimovic guy?