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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Most Goals

Lionel Messi
Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship

1) Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Allow me to explain.  Lionel Messi.  Lionel Messi.  Lionel Messi.  You will hear the words Lionel Messi stated a lot during any La Liga award ceremony.  The man is comparable to MJ when he was with the Chicago Bulls.  He is the best player on the best team in all of the world.  Barcelona is great, but it is Lionel Messi who has put them on this elite pedestal that they currently float on.  Messi has been on an absolute tear recently scoring 15 goals on the season and three in his last two matches.  Heading into the halfway point of the season, Barcelona is unbeaten and Messi has a combined 22 points in 16 matches.  And did I mention Messi missed some time with an injury.  Wow!

2) David Villa- Valencia

The most wanted striker in the world, Villa, has scored 14 goals this year and trailed Messi by only one heading into last weekend’s action.  Valencia has been one of the hottest clubs in the world over the last few months and Villa had an unbelievable streak going about a month back.  The striker scored in six straight league matches. 

 3) Zlatan Ibrahimovic- Barcelona

The Swede has proven that finding the back of the net is no different in Spain by scoring ten goals in the first half of his first season.  Not the likely Golden Boot winner, but still a fantastic key player on a championship winning club none the less.

4) Roberto Soldado- Getafe

Soldado has had the luck of the hat trick on his side earning two this season to make up the large part of his 10 goals.  But the Getafe man is tough not to root for being that he plays for one of those smaller clubs.  Soldado might have a little magic left for the second half.

5) Gonzalo Hiquain- Real Madrid

Hiquain was red hot recently, but the injury bug took care of that.  His five goals in his last four matches was very impressive though.  And his eleven goal total was a promising first half of the season for the youngster.