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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Most Disappointing Club

Camp Nou - Barcelona
Creative Commons License photo credit: Will Palmer

1) Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid had just about the worst start to the season that any top tier, Champions League bound club can have.  In fact the powerhouse squad was so terrible the first few months of the season that they did not win their first match of the year until mid-October.  After that things didn’t exactly heat up either.  The club did not win two matches in any single month until just last week for the month of January.  Hopefully the club can bounce back for good, but their middle of the pack results so far have only made the odds of that happening a little bit less likely. 

2) Villarreal

The Yellow Submarines are the only other great squad that has sunk as low as Atletico.  In fact Villarreal also did not win their first match of the year until October, but the club was at least able to win multiple matches in the months of November and December.  In fact Villarreal was the best club in the league for the month of December so maybe they have finally hit their stride.  Either way they had a disappointing first half of the season and are currently just one spot ahead of Atletico on the group table.

3) Sevilla

How can a fifth place club be seen on this list?  Because Sevilla has choked the last few months and their form from a few months back have deserted the perenial top four squad recently.  They have only won a single match of their last five (dating back to late November) and since Fabiano’s arrival back into the lineup they have promptly dropped their last two matches this January.  Sounds like it is time for a wakeup call Sevilla!