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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Lowest Lows

A moment of pause
Creative Commons License photo credit: * HugoPan *

1) Xerez’s Offense

Some times your club can let you down and in the case of Xerez they have not only let their fans down they have put everyone that watches them to sleep this year with their inability to score.  The team has such a bad start to the season that they did not score until their sixth or seventh match of the season in October.  Even now that their season has picked up a little bit they still only have 10 total goals.  That’s right less then Lionel Messi, David Villa, or even Roberto Soldado.  Xerez is averaging 0.50 goals per game and look to be a guarantee for settling in the relegation zone for good.

2) Where Have You Gone Thierry Henry?

Henry only has two goals this season and he appears to be on his way out of Barcelona or at least his days as a featured striker are over at Camp Nou.  Henry still gets plenty of minutes and the club is the best in the world, but Henry is simply an off to the side type of player in their system now and is no longer a 20 plus goal type of player for Barca.

3) No Away Wins

I hate to pick on them too much, but Xerez and Tenerife both have yet to win a single road match this year.  Fortunately, both sides have successfully won at home this season, but at this point in the year if you haven’t won on the road yet then don’t expect to start now.

4) Zaragoza’s D

42 goals in 20 matches is not only bad, but it is averaging giving up more then 2 per game.  34 goals in 11 road matches is even worse.  That means you’re giving up less then a goal per game at home and more then three goals per game on the road.  Good team to schedule for homecoming.