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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Introduction

World Cup Trophy
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rick212

Out of all of the major football leagues in all of the world, nobody has made as many headlines as La Liga has this season.  The rage all started before the year had even begun when three of the world’s biggest footballers (Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Kaka) all joined the Spanish league in mega multi-million dollar moves. 

And if that wasn’t enough to have the media focus shifted to Spanish football, the league also is owner of current Champions League champion Barcelona.  In fact Barcelona was so great last year that they earned the first ever treble for a Spanish giant in league history.  This year could never be as great as last year, right?  Well maybe it will be for Barca.  They still haven’t lost a tournament in the last two years of competitive football.  And their rivals just got that much better.

But regardless to who wins what award by season’s end some players deserve credit for what they have done so far this season.  So over the next month we will review many of the most important awards and the likely winning candidate by the end of the season.  It is a long year, but lets take a look at who is in the driver’s seat so far and who will be there by the end of the year:

Most Valuable Player

Coach of the Year

Most Improved Player

Most Disappointing Player

Best Club

Best Offense

Best Defense

Most Improved Squad

Most Disappointing Squad

Best Player 35 & Over

Best Player 21 & Under

Best Newboy

Best Foreign Player

Best Transfer

Best Domestic

Most Goals

Most Assists

Most Clean Sheets

Most Cards/Dirtiest Club