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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Highest Highs

Camp Nou - Barcelona
Creative Commons License photo credit: Will Palmer

1) Barca Remains Perfect

Well the Copa del Rey didn’t work out in their favor this season, but the club is doing something unbelievable this year by going twenty plus matches in league play without a loss.  At 52 points earned after 20 matches the treble winners have a real chance of surpassing 100 points on the season.  If they do that and go the entire season without a loss then they should be forced to allow every club in the league clone Lionel Messi.

2) Messi is the Besti

Messi was getting a lot of crap early in the year about how he was taking games off and was not as explosive of a player as he was last season for Barca.  Well what a bunch of guff!  Despite the addition of Ibs, Messi is not only leading the team in scoring, but the league as well in goals scored with 15 after 20 matches.  And the Argentine master also is in a joint lead in assists with 7.  That means the main man is averaging more then a goal per game.  Wow!  No wonder Barca might reach 100 goals this season.

3) Alcorcon’s Shocking Win

Nobody thought Real Madrid would lose in the Copa del Rey to this lowly squad.  But not only did los galiciticos lose the aggregate series, but they also lost the first match by four goals.  Upset of the year in Spanish football!

4) Home Strength

Can you believe that their is three squads that have yet to lose a home match this season?  Barca, Real Madrid, and Mallorca all remain perfect at home entering into the second half of play.  And Valencia has only lost one match so far this season as well.