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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Best Player 22 & Under

Lionel Messi
Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship

1) Lionel Messi/Barcelona

The twenty two year old is not only the best young player in all of La Liga, but the Argentine forward/winger is flat out the best player in all of the world.  Make no mistake about it.  Barcelona finished last season the best Spanish club ever and it was Messi that led that squad to greatness.  This year I would expect similar results for Barca and Messi is the guy to thank for that untouchable level of success.  He is an excellent finisher of the ball and of course he is also one of the best in the world at dishing the ball as well.  Currently Messi is a joint leader in both goals scored and assists, but I would be surprised if Messi takes home this award at the end of the year.  Simply because MVP of the league has a much better ring to it.

2) Gonzalo Hiquain/Real Madrid

Last year’s winner of the award would happily settle for the honor again.  Out of all the brilliant offensive players Madrid acquired this season it is still Hiquain that leads the club in scoring with eleven goals.  Look for Hiquain to score at least twenty goals this season and the twenty two year old is keeping his second place squad in contention this year.

3) Sergio Aguero/Atletico Madrid

A strong start to the year for Atletico Madrid’s Aguero (who has scored a club leading 8 goals this season), but it appears that the twenty one year old has left the reeling squad for greener pastures in the Premier League with the Chelsea Blues.  We wish Aguero luck this year, but winning this La Liga Award is highly doubtful with that potential transfer.