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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Best Manager

Creative Commons License photo credit: procsilas

1) Pep Guardiola/Barcelona

What can be said about young manager Pep Guardiola of Barcelona.  Not only has the guy revolutionized the game with his offensive tactics and firepower that Barca possesses, but Pep isn’t even forty years old yet and he has already done something in La Liga (the perfect season last year with the treble victory) that has never been done before.  And sure with the loaded lineup you should expect excellent results, but obviously Pep deserves some of the credit for Barca’s success as well.  After all Phil Jackson of the NBA is revered for coaching MJ, Kobe, and Shaq.  Steering a team with many great players and big egos isn’t as easy as you might think.

2) Míchel/Getafe

Getafe has been a relegation bubble club over the last few seasons and heading into this year most football critics projected the squad to finish somewhere between 12th place and the relegation zone.  Well think again.  Michel has his club currently residing in 7th place and if Roberto Soldado can keep up his pace he could finish the season among the best offensive players.  Michel deserves the honor for taking a squad that was below average last year and making them fit to compete for a UEFA Champions League spot this season.

3) Gergorio Manzano/Mallorca

Mallorca’s main man Manzano has lead his squad to top four results so far this season and as of now they are ahead of powerhouse squad’s like Sevilla and Villareal.   Early in the year i thought they might have had a flukey start, but it seems that Mallorca is the real deal this year and will continue to battle for that top four finish.