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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Best Domestic

Castle of Cardona
Creative Commons License photo credit: wili_hybrid

1) David Villa

Villa shares the lead in total goals scored so far this season with 12 and the Spanish superstar looks to increase that total over the second half of the season now that Valencia has finally hit their stride.  And after a dismal start to the season Villa has been the hottest player in the league over the last few months.  That transfer price is growing every time he is on the pitch and pretty soon Valencia might budge, but Villa should remain at Valencia until the end of the year.

2) Roberto Soldado

You may be surprised that Soldado is this high on the list, but Getafe has been great so far and Soldado is a top five offensive player in the league with 10 goals.  If he passes 20 total goals on the year then he will have to be considered especially since he plays for a club not known for offensive production.

3) Xavi

An excellent passing midfielder Xavi is one of the most underrated players for Barca and within the ranks of La Liga.  Expect the Spaniard to be in the top ten in assists by season’s end.  He does have some pretty good guys to pass it to as well. 

4) Iker Casillas

It’s critical to have a guy in between the posts that can keep you in the match and Casillas of Real Madrid is exactly that.  Look for the keeper to play in the biggest event of the year, the World Cup, during the summer, but for now look for Casillas to make a run for the La Liga title.

5) Diego Forlan

Not a dream first half for Diego and his club, but if Diego can get on track then he still has a chance.  Not a very good chance, but a chance none the less.