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LLTO Mid-Season Awards: Best Defender

us vs. them
Creative Commons License photo credit: chaosinjune

1) Carles Puyol- Barcelona

Puyol is the heart of Barca’s defense which doesn’t get they type of attention that Messi and Ibrahimovic bring to the offense, but this is a defensive unit that is just as impressive all together.  In fact on the entire first half of the year the Barca defense has only allowed ten goals.  That is a near 0.50 average per game.  And Puyol is the man in the middle that sets the tone for the rest of the back line.  An impressive player that just might be in his prime.

2) Dani Alves- Barcelona

Alves might be a defender by title, but his offensive production for a backline player has been astounding this year.  Alves has scored three goals and assisted six more.  That number isn’t only impressive, it is flat out amazing.  The guy is responsible for scoring nine goals and the club has only given up ten total. 

3) Sergio Ramos- Real Madrid

Young Sergio Ramos has yet to hit his prime, but the defender has become a reliable defensive star for his club Real Madrid.  Madrid has only conceeded four more goals then Barcelona has going into last weekend’s matchups and Ramos is a critical member to that second best defensive unit.  The young defender will likely be featured this summer in the South Africa for his homeland of Spain.

4) Carlos Marchena- Valencia

Marchena of Valencia deserves the honor as well.  The center back has been critical this season playing in all but one match for the squad and Valencia currently has the third best defense in the league allowing 18 goals in 19 matches.  The thirty year old has also scored two goals for Valencia as well.