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LLTO Matches of the Week (FEB 20-21)

Soccer in the rain ............go Sydney !!
Creative Commons License photo credit: 1Happysnapper(photography)


The fifth place squad Mallorca will host fourth place Sevilla this weekend in a match that could likely decide who will end up in that fourth spot by season’s end.  Both clubs are nearly identical in just about every statistic you can measure.  One key advantage though is that Mallorca is 10-0-0 at home this year and that stat is obviously the best for any club at home in any major league.  But despite that outstanding home record I will be the guy that says it ends this weekend at the hands of Luis Fabiano.

Final Prediction: Sevilla 1-0

Real Madrid-Villarreal

Madrid can taste first place and hopefully this isn’t just a brief meal for the sake of the La Liga season.  Only two points back the club can even the total points earned with a win this weekend and a Barca tie.  Villarreal, on the other hand, is playing for pride and would love to take advantage of los galicticos loss earlier in the week in Champions League.  I wouldn’t bet on two losses in the same week though for the all whites.

Final Prediction: Madrid 2-1

Real Zaragoza-Sporting Gijon

Two relegation bubble clubs will face off this weekend as number 17 Real Zaragoza looks to further their climb away from the bottom three spots.  Sporting currently owns a four point lead over their hosts, but a loss this week could be critical to their chances of surviving.  My pick is Zaragoza.  They seem to be one of the better new boy clubs and they should remain in the top division by the end of the season.

Final Prediction: Zaragoza 1-0