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LLTO La Liga Top Performers

David Villa

David Villa or as I like to call him “Every Owner’s Transfer Dream,” surprisingly stayed put this off-season at Valencia and last weekend the club showcased their rare talent to the world once again.  Villa is well known around the globe for his unique goal scoring ability and often the star player reaches the summit of twenty league goals in a season.  This weekend Villa would get the start he needed to win the Golden Boot by scoring two goals in his match against Valladolid. 

Luis Fabiano

Sevilla is often known to be a club that forges their identity by playing outstanding defense and winning low scoring matches.  Well Brazilian born Luis Fabiano goes by a much different creed and believes in scoring goals to win matches.  The two sides should make a happy marriage this season as Sevilla won last weekend over new boys (but they’ve been around before) Real Zaragoza 4-1.  Fabiano was to thank for the offensive output scoring twice in this one.  The first was the game winner and the second goal was the final goal of the match.

New Boys

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Christiano Ronaldo have continued to make themselves comfortable in La Liga by not only scoring in each of their debuts, but scoring again this weekend in their second matches as well.  The two star players should slow down their goal-a-game pace soon, but you never know in La Liga.  Maybe one of the two stars will surpass forty goals this season?  It’s not likely, but it should be a fun season to watch.