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LLTO La Liga Top Performers

Miguel de las Cuevas

I know what you’re thinking?  Who is Miguel de las Cuevas and why is he the top performer of the week?  Miguel scored two goals this weekend for Sporting Gijon and the twenty-three year old midfielder (a transfer from Atletico Madrid) enjoyed scoring his first two career La Liga goals in route to a 4-1 win.  Not a bad way to score your debut goal.  Or should I say debut goals?  


All off-season we have ranted and raved on about Real Madrid.  The hundreds of millions spent, the superstar stadium entrances that welcomed these stars like royalty, the record breaking projected goals that would be scored, and even the time some of these players spend with idiots like Paris Hilton.  But this whole time we have forgotten about Sevilla.  (Well the Yank has not, I love their defense).  Sevilla is hands down a top three squad and they prove this week in and week out by controlling all phases of the game.  Champions League or La Liga league matches Sevilla can beat anyone and everyone.  Just ask Real Madrid.  Sure Ronaldo didn’t play, he probably had a previous engagement planned with Paris and Stephen Baldwin, but Sevilla controlled the supposed powerhouse squad and proved that despite all that money spent you cannot purchase a team that plays together and wins together as well.


Barcelona is still perfect making them the lone ranger of the unbeatens.  How long can a team remain perfect.  A quarter of the year?  Half the year?  Not three quarters?  Really?  The entire season?  Is it impossible? 

Look out 1972 Dolphins.