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LLTO La Liga Top Performers

Lionel Messi

It has been claimed many times by many different people, Messi is quite simply “the man” as we say here in the states.  Messi continues to fuel Barca’s ridiculous offense and who knows maybe the club can potentially win the treble two straight seasons even though it had never been done by any La Liga squad ever before last season.  Messi scored two goals last weekend against Atletico Madrid and the winger/forward/midfielder/man-child will score many more in the future for Barca because Messi just got a new deal.

Fernando Llorente

When you think of La Liga’s best goal scorers Llorente isn’t exactly a top of the list guy.  But the forward has quietly put together two plus ten goal seasons and scored 24 goals over the last two years for Athletic Bilabao.  Last weekend Llorente would finally get on the board for this season and he would score twice in the first half in a critical 3-2 victory over Villareal.  Llorente didn’t score the game winner, but he did put his team in excellent position going into the second half.

Real Madrid’s New Boys

It should be no surprise that when you spend Monopoly money you get some excellent results the following season.  Christiano Ronaldo is arguably the best player in La Liga and the forward would prove it once again last weekend by scoring two more goals.  Seriously some of these guys are potentially flirting with a forty goal season.  Karim Benzema also got involved with a goal of his own.  He has not had the great start Ronaldo has, but then again who else really has other then a few Barca players?