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LLTO La Liga Picks of the Week (Oct.31-Nov.1)

That’s right La Liga fans!  It is Halloween weekend and you know what that means, right?  It’s the time of year that everyone can enjoy eating candy, scaring the crap out of one another, and if you’re female you can dress in any revealing outfit that you want to!  Look at this fine young lady ( I don’t think she really went to nursing school).  But that’s right it is a very special time of year so enjoy the festivities and without any more delays lets take a look at this weeks picks.

Real Madrid could use some nursing back to health after their defeat to Alcorcan earlier in the week.  Yes Alcorcan is a football team and they do have eleven players.  This week against Getafe Real Madrid will snap out of their curse and win 2-1.  Barcelona could never be in a spell to begin with because they never lose league matches.  Why would that change this week against Osasuna?  Barca wins 4-0.  The same goes for Sevilla facing new boys Xerez.  Sevilla simply outmatches their opponent and should win 2-0. 

In an athletic battle Athletico Bilbao faces Atletico Madrid.  Neither team has had wonderful results this season, but we like Madrid 1-0 on the road.  Villarreal will do the unthinkable and win two straight weekends.  That’s right I didn’t take my crazy pills this week.  Villarreal will win 1-0 over Tenerife.  Mallorca has been a nice surprise so far this year.  The club is on pace to be a top six finisher.  Racing Santander will not be able to slow them down.  Mallorca wins 2-0. 

As for the final four matches: Espanyol will beat Valladolid 2-1 at home, Valencia will achieve the road victory over Malage 3-0, Almeria will do the same to Real Zaragoza 2-1 on the road, and in the final match Deportivo La Coruna will beat Sporting 2-0 at home.