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LLTO La Liga Matches of the Week (Sep 25-26)


You may think that this is a bizarre LLTO Match of the Week selection, but I find it to be quite relevant at the moment considering Hercules were the giant slayers a few weeks back at Nou Camp. This weekend the new boys will be tested again by a top four club last year and a top four hopeful this season in Luis Fabiano’s Sevilla. And currently in fifth place Sevilla is right where they should be and they know that this year will be a tough test to earn a top four berth considering how many excellent top notch teams are achieving good results at the moment. But Sevilla needs to come away with at least a point here and I think they will.

Final Pick: 1-1 Draw

Athletic Bilabao-Barcelona

Bilbao will have the tough test of playing against a former treble winning side that is hungry to prove their worth without their key man. No Messi this weekend will likely help the hosting squad, but how much? After all David Villa is no slouch and the rest of the Barcelona midfield has been known to produce on their own without the famous Argentine playmaker. It will be a bit tougher without Messi, but the Barca boys should still prevail on the road and put a little bit of heat on Real Madrid in company in the process.

Final Score: Barcelona 1-0

Levante-Real Madrid

Levante may have home field advantage heading into this weekend’s match, but that is about all they will have going in their favor against a tough Los Galacticos team. Mourinho’s side has shown plenty of bark so far this La Liga season, but little bite in their victories. Los Galacticos have yet to put on a grand show for their fans, but have still found ways of taking the low scoring matches despite the lack of high score totals. This weekend will be their first show of the season.

Final Score: Real Madrid 4-0