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LLTO La Liga Matches of the Week (Nov 7)


A great battle in this one as our number one squad faces off against our number five.  Barcelona has looked unbeatable so far this season and what do you know?  The treble winners still have yet to lose a match and now the season is about 25% over.  Can they go the distance?  Not if Mallorca has anything to say about it.  Mallorca has had one of the most impressive defenses this season and are only giving up a goal per game.  And the underdogs have only given up one goal at home all season long.  Unfortunately, this game is on the road for Mallorca.

Final Prediction: 3-0 Barcelona

Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid

Well it might not be all that it was cracked up to be in the preseason, but the battle of Madrid’s is always a relevant game worth highlighting.  Atletico has only won a single match this season and currently reside in lowly 18th place.  Nobody thought that the club would fall that fast, but it seems like the squad is playing for a spot in the league next year rather then a for a spot in the UEFA Champions League.  Real, on the other hand, is continuing the good fight without their star player, Ronaldo.  Who will step up this week for los galicticos?  How about Benzema?

Final Prediction: 3-1 Real Madrid


Villarreal awakened last week with a 5-0 victory, but this week they will not get the luck of facing off against Tenerife.  Sevilla is the third best squad in the league and they have (in my opinion) the strongest defense in the league.  Villarreal has struggled to find the back of the net (minus last week) this year and Sevilla has only given up five goals in nine chances.

Final Prediction: 3-2 Sevilla