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LLTO La Liga Matches of the Week (DEC 12-13)

Valencia-Real Madrid

Can you get any hotter then Valencia has been over the last few months?  The squad has won three matches in a row and has an unbeaten streak that spans over six weeks of football.  The powerhouse squad has climbed into third place and with a win this weekend over the second best squad they will have many more La Liga fans hopping onto the bandwagon.  But this is no ordinary week of La Liga football.  In fact two of the hottest teams in the world are matching up with Real Madrid only losing one match in their last five and it was to Barcelona.  Real Madrid is only one of two teams with over 30 goals, but call me crazy I like the home team in this epic match.

Final Prediction: Valencia 3-2

Atletico Madrid-Villarreal

From overachievers to underachievers as number 13 Atletico Madrid hosts number 11 ranked Villarreal.  Both teams should be in the top ten, but both had a terrible start to the year.  Atletico has dropped three more in a row to add onto their frustrations; whereas Villarreal has recently bounced back from their loss to weeks a go with a win last weekend.   Its a tough one to pick a winner simply because both teams have been huge busts this year.

Final Prediction: Villarreal 2-1


Last week Barca was given the nice treat of playing Xerez (the club that has only scored 4 goals all season).  This week they play Espanyol (the club with a second worst 8 goals).  It seems like Barca is enjoying these matches and there is no way I would ever bet against them right now.

Final Prediction: Barcelona 3-0