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LLTO La Liga Matches of the Week

Athletic Bilbao-Sevilla

Athletic Bilbao has been the surprise team of the first three weeks with a perfect 3-0 record.  The club has only won each match by a single goal, but they will take wins however they can get them.  Bilbao has defeated two mediocre clubs in Espanyol and Xerez, but they did beat Villareal last weekend.  Sevilla, on the other hand, is off to a solid start and could use the road win to advance further up the table.  The two clubs have only given up a combined 5 goals this year (going into the week) so expect this one to be low scoring.

Valencia-Atletico Madrid

Going into the year this was supposed to be one of these matches between two of the strongest La Liga squads, but Atletico Madrid has been horrible so far this year and are currently sitting in 19th place.  Valencia has done as well as expected and should continue to compete for a top seed in the table, but if Atletico Madrid doesn’t find their defense soon (3 goals per game goals given up average) then the club may put themselves in a tough situation to climb out of.

Deportivo La Coruna-Villarreal

This is a case of two slightly underachieving teams so far this year squaring off.  Deportivo La Coruna has one win and two losses going into this home match, but the club was just handed a home loss last weekend by Espanyol.  Villarreal is playing decent so far this year, but are unable to achieve wins.  They have two draws in their first three matches and were winless going into this week.