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LLTO Know the Pitch: Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan

Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan or R.S.P. for the sake of brevity is the home to Sevilla which over the last five seasons has been one of the most impressive squads in all of Spain.  A member of the big three (Real Madrid,Barcelona, Sevilla) this could be the year Sevilla earns some more respect by taking home a Champions League title. 

R.S.P. is a legendary stadium for many reasons.  It has been home to some of the biggest matches ever played in La Liga and is also home to one of the most impressive wacky facts around today.  The Spanish national squad has never lost a single match in R.S.P. making it among the luckiest stadiums in all of the world.  In fact why doesn’t Spain just play all of their home matches in R.S.P.  Odds would be heavily against them to lose at some point, but if it is broken don’t fix it.

Sometimes referred to as La Bombonera, R.P.S. as stated earlier has seen some of the best football matches ever hosted in Spain.  It was the venue selected for the World Cup semi-final match between Germany and France.  It also was the final venue for the 1986 European Cup final as well.  Sevilla has only lost one match in the stadium during European play as well. 

Built in 1957, the stadium holds around 46,000 seats making it among the bigger venues in all of Spain.  Sevilla and Spain’s national team both hope to continue their winning ways in Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.  After fifty years both clubs have only lost one total match in tournament play on the grounds.