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LLTO Know the Pitch: Mediterraneo

Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos or as the Yank simply calls it (because I don’t speak very good Spanish) “the Med” is home to fairly newly promoted club Almeria.  Almeria impressed fans of La Liga with a very solid first season on the top flight and finished the year with middle-of-the-pack results in eleventh place.

Now the Med will have the difficult challenge of hosting season number two on the top flight.   Now that everybody knows that Almeria is a respectable opponent they will be gunning for the underdogs, but after the first full month of football, Almeria was right where they needed to be in the middle-of-the-pack and among the best in goals conceded.

Built in 2004, Mediterraneo is considered one of the newest stadiums in all of La Liga.  It is certainly no Barcelona-Camp Nou in stadium capacity, but it is around the league average with 22,000 available seats.  One event that is popular in the stadium is the Mediterranean Games.  Apparently the Mediterranean Games is similar to a mini-Olympics of the Mediterranean countries and the sports that were hosted in the Med were obviously football and track & field type of athletics.

Almeria may be new to La Liga, but with a beautiful new stadium and a team that doesn’t usually allow too many goals, hopefully the Med will be given the opportunity to continue hosting games of great significance for many years down the road.