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LLTO Know the Pitch: La Romareda

Built in 1957, La Romareda is considered one of the most historically significant stadiums in all of the world.  It is home to new boys Real Zaragoza, but this stadium isn’t your usual grounds unfamiliar to Primera Division football.  Real Zaragoza used to be a perennial top tier squad, so La Romareda has seen it’s fair share of top level action and it will likely remain that way for some time.

La Romareda has hosted some of the most exciting events that ever come to Spain.  In 1982 the stadium was selected as a host for many of the matches of the World Cup.  The stadium (like most) underwent a serious remodeling period for the event and is currently around 35,000 seats in full capacity.  However many of these seats were added in 1992 when the stadium underwent yet another renovation finally making it an all seater stadium.

In 1992 La Romareda was also selected to be a stadium used for football matches in the 1992 Summer Olympics.  A few opening round matches were played at the ground and the venue was also used for a few of the quarter final matches making it one of the most important stadiums used in the tournament.  The stadium was part of a failed bid to land the Winter Olympics in 2014 as well.

La Romareda has also hosted many big shows especially in the early 1990’s.  Some of these famous musicians include the late Michael Jackson, Metallica, and Tina Turner.  La Romareda is one of the most historically significant venues in all of the world and it deserves a spot on the top tier for good.