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LLTO Know the Pitch: Jose Zorrilla

Estadio Jose Zorilla is home to Real Valladolid and it is the only stadium (at least that I know of) that is named after a literary figure.  Jose Zorilla is a famous 1800’s Spanish poet and playwright.  I assume that he must be from the Castile and Leon area where the stadium was built.  Prior to this stadium being built, the club played in the old Estadio Jose Zorilla, so the officials are very keen of the former and present name of the grounds as well.

Estadio Jose Zorrilla was built in 1982 for the World Cup making it among the newest and nicest stadiums around.  Looking at the architecture it looks much more up-to-date then most of the La Liga fields   With full seating, a roof that hangs over the majority of the stands, and luxury boxes Jose Zorilla has all the right elements for an above average grounds and facility.

It is by no means a huge stadium which is maybe the biggest knock on the destination.  With only 26,512 seats it is not considered an elite stadium by any means, but it is also much bigger then many of the other stadiums.  Overall though with the smaller stadium capacity it is considered an average stadium overall and is not used for many big events anymore.

The ninth smallest stadium in La Liga is among the newest and nicest in design.  Real Valladolid should be happy to have a new stadium with plenty of seating.  They sold out the grounds a few years back in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich.