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LLTO Know the Pitch: El Sardinero

Estadio El Sardinero is located in Cantabria, Spain and it is also the home to Racing Santander.  Racing Santander is considered a middle-of-the-pack squad and rarely finish in the top ten squads in the league.  But the club is a very consistent top tier squad and have only played one year on the lower level in the last ten.

Opening in 1988 El Sardinero was one of the many new stadiums built during that era.  The stadium replaces the former grounds that went by the same name Estadio El Sardinero.  The original Sardinero was constructed in 1913 and eventually closed down for business in 1988.  The original stadium saw some strong Racing clubs in the early days of La Liga, but the stadium has not seen a winner in quite some time.

The stadium capacity is at 22,271 making it among the smaller stadiums in all of La Liga.  I could make the obvious joke here about how they should fit more fans into the stadium and pack them in like sardines, but if I made this joke then I would have to beat myself up (oops). 

Like most stadiums built from the 1980’s until the modern day, El Sardinero is considered a much more comfortable place to watch a match then the former venue.  It has about 3,000 more seats located on the grounds and the viewing angles are much more clear then the original stadium.  El Sardinero  is a very nice grounds and it should remain the home to Racing Santander for a great deal of time.