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LLTO Know the Pitch: Cornella-El Prat

Cornella-El Prat is the newest stadium in all of La Liga and perhaps the newest of all the significant soccer stadiums in all of the world.  It is the brand new home of Espanyol and the eigth home that Espanyol has had total which must be an La Liga record.  Espanyol was solid last season with a tenth place finish it was also their fifteenth straight year on the top level of Spanish football.

Cornella-El Prat has been a long running project and it took over four years to finish the new stadium located in Catalonia.  The stadium has a capacity crowd of around 40,000 which is among the bigger stadiums in La Liga.  In fact it is the fifth largest stadium in capacity in La Liga and with all the new stadium features that were added it might arguably be the most comfortable place in La Liga to watch a match.

Among these upgrades Espanyol decided to focus their attention on the key modern day money maker: Luxery boxes.  The stadium features a VIP club section that makes up around 1,200 seats and also around 40 luxery suites for the big wigs and big spenders. 

The stadium also focused on many practical additions as well including it is a handicapped accesible stadium and there even thousands of facility parking spaces, but one of the most impressive additions was perhaps the 27 bars located inside the venue.  Cornella-El Prat offers all of the luxuries that a season ticket holder could ever dream of.