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2009 La Liga Season Review: Valladolid

Team Overview: Valladolid is fairly new to La Liga achieving a promotion from the Segunda Division following the 2006/2007 season.  Valladolid was Second Division champions that season putting up a record eighty-eight points and earning promotion a record thirty-four games into the season.  The team has yet to find their groove in the first division though coming in 16th and 17th respectively.  

Best Performers:

F  Henok Goitom     10 Goals
M  Jonathan Sesma Gonzalez   7 Goals, 4 Assists
G  Sergio Asenjo    1.26 Goals/Game 

Highest High: The Pucela had a few impressive months this season putting up results among the league best.  November was a special month for Valladolid.  The club won four out of five  matches earning twelve points over the brief time period.  The club was the strongest team this March earning wins in three out of four matches as well.  The two months really helped save the Pucela’s season.   

Lowest Low: Valladolid were pretty awful down the stretch.  The club never scored a goal in April and obviously never won a game either.  In fact the Pucela did not win a single match in their last ten.  They also lost six out of ten of the matches over the two month period and were outscored 4-12.  Despite the club’s dreary play they were able to avoid relegation.  

Future: Valladolid showed signs of being a solid team at different points in the season, but lacked the consistency necessary to be successful in the top division of Spanish football.  The club could use some offensive help.  Goitom was pretty good, but the forward needs someone to dish him the ball.  The defense was underachieving as well, but was not the main focus of the club’s problems.