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2009 La Liga Season Review: Real Betis

Team Overview: Real Betis will sadly face relegation to the Segunda Division this upcoming season after the club was unable to secure a safe spot in the league rankings for next year.  Real Betis is one of the only Spanish football clubs that has won a championship on all three division levels.  The only time the club has ever won the top La Liga title was during the 1935 season.


Best Performers:

M  Achille Emana    11 Goals, 7 Assists
F  Sergio Garcia   9 Goals, 6 Assists
G  Casto     1.39 Goals/Game 

Highest High: Real Betis was one of the worst clubs this season at defending the home pitch.  The club  only won four games in front of the home-crowd all season.  On the road the Verdiblancos were above average, the team ranked in eighth place and won six matches while tying four more.  The Verdiblancos also had a strong November winning three matches.   

Lowest Low: The Verdiblancos had a terrible start to the 2008/2009 season.  The club did not win until their seventh match, but the lowest low had to be Real Betis’ final month of the club’s season.  They only won a single match down the stretch and lost two and tied two as well.  One single point would have saved the club’s season by moving them three spots up the rankings.  The club finished the year with a frustrating draw to beatable Valladolid.  

Future: Real Betis has to feel a little down about their recent demotion to the Segunda Division.  The frustrated club has hired a new manager due to the disappointing year.  Antonio Tapia will try to steer the club back on the right track next season.  The coach last managed Malaga a season ago and finished the year with a strong eighth place finish.  Real Betis will look to dominate the Segunda Division next season.