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2009 La Liga Season Review: Racing Santander

Team Overview: Racing Santander, founded in 1913, has played nearly every season of their existence on the top two divisions of Spanish football.  Although the club has yet to win the Primera Division they have come very close.  The Racinguestas were runners-up for the La Liga title during the 1930/1931 season.  Racing Santander had a strong finish following the 2007/2008 season.  The club finished sixth place and qualified for the UEFA Cup for the first time.

Best Performers:

F  Nikola Zigic     13 Goals
F  Oscar Serrano   5 Goals, 6 Assists
G  Tono       1.21 Goals/Game 

Highest High: Racing Santander had one hot stretch over the November/December/January time of the year.  The club only lost two matches in the three month period and the club won six matches with four draws in the twelve match span.  Racing Santander also had a strong finish to the year with two wins and a draw to close out the season.

Lowest Low: Racing Santander was very disappointing at home this season.  The club only won five matches on the home pitch and ranked in eighteenth place in total points at home this year.  The club also had three different months in which they did not win a match.  This cold streak includes the first month of the season.  The Racinguestas did not win a match until their fifth of the season.

Future: Racing Santander needs to develop some more scoring threats to help out Nikola Zigic.  The club’s forty-nine goals will not be enough if they want to improve next season.  The club plays pretty solid defense and their result was middle-of-the-pack.  Hopefully the Racinguestas have a few secret weapons up their sleeves because with some of the additions around the league they will surely need all the help they can get next year.